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Product Description

Product Details

Size: 5x2 ft

Material: Tarpaulin 380gsm

Finishing: PVC Pipe / Eyelet / Wood

Bunting - Outdoor & Indoor 

Bunting Outdoor & Indoor is the simplest form of advertising for business and event and is the most eye-catchy piece of information hanging on a counter or a shop front that helps to increase the awareness for your product and promotion. Bunting has been a helpful tool whether it is for a marketing campaign or a newly launch event.  

Why speedprintmy?

We uses quality 380gsm tarpaulin material for bunting printing which will last up to 12 month outdoor/indoor of non-color fading, water-proof and tear-proof. Using 720dpi resolution, the bunting printing will look even more vibrant for the advertising Ads.  

For URGENT order please contact us for more info..

Email to: speedprint.kl@gmail.com

WhatsApp to: +6019-323 7573