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Product Description

Colop self-ink stamp

Rubber stamp are one of the most common tools in business, school, collage, university, hospital, etc. for official recognition or verify of documents. Today even wedding function are using rubber stamp for fancy trend.  

We offer Normal and Self-ink laser cut red rubber stamp to increase efficacy of your business and works. With verity of size and model, just let us know. 

• Quality red rubber material for longer usage. 

• Instant 1 hour service available. (SELF PICK-UP ONLY)

Online Order Guide

Dear valued customer, at this moment our e-commerce website only received order details by:-

1. Email to: speedprint.kl@gmail.com 

2. WhatsApp to: +6019-323 7573 

Kindly email or WhatsApp us your details order upon completion check out online order and payment.